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delish 99

We’ve taken our daughter off the chamomilla tablets and the night essence, but she’s still drinking camomile tea. We’ve eliminated e-numbers from her diet, and hey presto, she’s sleeping. There are some tough days when we have glorious sunshine and it would be so nice to treat the whole family to a 99, but when the choice is between a 99 followed by monsters chasing our daughter through her dreams and a wonderful night of sleep for the whole family, we have to choose the latter, however hard it may be.
It makes me wonder what chemicals we put into our body every day. They may be unnatural, harmful even, but ever so delicious. There are some e-free treats we can give and we stick to these now – aero, milka, kinder, popcorn, home made fruit juice ice-lollies, ice-cream from a tub in a waffle cone with a flake, almost as good as a 99. We will keep reading labels and sleeping.


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