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There’s nothing quite like a good beat to get you up and at ’em in the morning.

Some of my personal favourites are Footloose by Kenny Loggins, Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, The Blues Brothers, I Don’t Wanna Stop, Ozzy Osbourne, It’s Good To Be Alive, Imelda May, and, of course, Happy by Pharrell Williams.

So if you’re having a blue Monday, a tiring Wednesday, or you’re just finding it difficult to get into your happy place, put one of these songs on and I’m sure you’ll find yourself dancing around.

Perhaps you have some personal favourites of your own you’d like to share with me. Please feel free to comment.








Imelda May




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Classic hits party

I had a fantastic time on Friday night at the Classic Hits 4fm Christmas Party in Munroe’s in Galway. I was there with my good friend Phillipa Maguire from The Java Writers group here in Galway. http://www.amazon.com/Infusions-Java-Writers/dp/1480239712

The music was great. We spent a good portion of the night dancing. I have to give a special mention here to Tom Heelan who had the important job of looking after jackets while his friend Monica Coughlan joined us on the dance floor.

throwing halos

The highlight of the night for me was getting to  meet Gareth O’ Callaghan and Jim McCabe. I didn’t however get a chance to talk to Robbie Fogarty, although he did tell me to pipe down when I got a bit over excited at the Battle of the Sexes. I do have a tendency to overdo the ‘Woo Hoo’s’ when I’m out. And that has nothing to do with alcohol – it’s just me. http://classichits.ie/

Although, I have to say, I did try a new cocktail on Friday night – Purple Rain – and it hit the spot nicely. It mixes my two favourite drinks, Peach Schnapps and White Rum with Grenadine and Blue Curacao. http://www.monroes.ie/live

I hope Classic Hits come back to Monroe’s next year for a Christmas Party. I urge you to text party with your name and location whenever you’re invited to do so – you won’t regret it.

To quote Throwing Halos, who played a great gig at the party, “Life’s too short.” It sure is too short not to try to cram as much fun into it as you possibly can.


Shannon & The Shortcuts - Jazzy Rock & Roll - Irish Musician, Meath, Ireland

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