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No Fences

Are you, like me, anxiously awaiting news of whether or not the 5 concerts will go ahead? Or are you fed up of the whole fiasco?

I can remember my first introduction to the music of Garth Brooks. It was 1991. I was at home, sitting on my bed, reading a book and listening to the radio. My older sister came into our room and gave me two cassettes that a friend of hers had given her the loan of. No Fences and Ropin’  The Wind. And there the love affair started.

I put the first track on and I was in love. I hadn’t been so in love with a singer since Michael Jackson in the ’80’s. That’s what The Thunder Rolls did to me.  http://en.musicplayon.com/play?v=102875

After that, every new album Garth released was on my Christmas wish list. It got so that my brother stopped asking me what I wanted for Christmas. After a while his only question was, ‘Do you want it on cassette or CD?’

When I heard that Garth Brooks was coming to Ireland in 1994, I immediately wanted to go to see him. However, he was coming in April. I was due to start my work experience in Euro Disney in April. I was a little heartbroken. But my love affair with Disney had been going on for a lot longer than my love affair with Brooks. And I figured that Garth would come again, but that my chance to work in Disneyland Paris was a once in a lifetime one.

I was right, Garth did come again. In 1997. But I was saving to get married in 1998. I know his tickets are inexpensive, but it was still an expense we couldn’t spare. Once again I figured Brooks would return. So I got on with the business of getting married, hoping that I would get to see Garth before too long.

Imagine how upset I was to hear of his retirement before he could return. I anxiously awaited news of him coming out of retirement. And finally the news came. As long as we could get tickets I would finally get to see Garth Brooks in Croke Park in July 2014.

Just moments before the tickets sold out my husband was successful.

I was ecstatic. I have been waiting 20 years to see Garth.

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been remaining hopeful while the whole thing is up in the air. I believe in thinking positively, and that’s just what I’m doing.

I will get to see Garth at the end of this month!



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I had a very exciting night last night. I was interviewed by Gary Browne on The Review Lounge. You can listen to the interview at the following link. The interview is 42 minutes into a show that’s full of great music and items of local and not so local interest.

The Review Lounge with Gary Browne Show 41 (27.01.2013) on CRCfm 102.9

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Welcome to Sample Sunday, where you get to sample some great books by visiting the blogs of participating authors. Here is a taste of Shadows of the Dead, which I hope will entice you to find out what happened to Alice and Mark O’Brien, who didn’t believe in ghosts before they bought Hawthorn Grange.


Sitting in my old reliable blue Ford Fiesta, fingers drumming on the steering wheel in time to the music coming from the radio, I barely noticed as one county became another. I passed green fields, old houses and some fancy new ones. Mountains, lakes and the seashore all came in and out of view. The smooth voice of the DJ announcing songs and telling funny anecdotes helped me to pass the time on my journey from Donegal to Galway.

On my way to a family funeral in Connemara, I was on a windy road in Sligo, nothing to be seen either side of me but green fields, when the radio started to lose reception. Sighing in annoyance, I fiddled with the dial. I couldn’t get any station to tune in and so resigned myself to whatever was in the tape-deck. As it was an old car there wasn’t the option of a multi-change CD player, so on long journeys I relied on the radio for variety.

As I pressed play and the voice of Don Henley filled the car, my eyes were drawn to an interesting looking old house that backed onto woods. It was a gray, two-story dwelling covered in ivy, which blended in well with the clouds overhead and the woodland behind it. However, it had a quality that made it stand out; maybe it was the fact that it looked deserted and stood next to an old graveyard. I imagined eyes staring out at me from behind the dusty windows, eyes of a haggard old woman perhaps. Or maybe even eyes of the undead.

I couldn’t help slowing down as I passed and saw the name of the house carved into the wall. Hawthorn Grange. “Now that looks like a place with a story to tell,” I thought, although figuring that the creepiness might have more to do with the graveyard and the woods than with the house itself. As an investigative journalist I decided that it was my duty to stop off on my way back to see if it was as interesting as it looked. I fancied the notion that the spirits from the graveyard occupied Hawthorn Grange and wondered if the house was deserted and what any previous occupants were like. While I had never seen a ghost, my mind was definitely open to the possibility of their existence. I imagined the previous dwellers being chased out of it by white souls and dark demons, and could almost see them out of the corner of my eye in the shadows of the garden.

As the house disappeared in the rear view mirror I could almost feel the branches of the dead tree in the front garden reaching out to pull me back. The tree was like an old woman, bent over and crippled. A twig hanging down to the ground from one of the branches looked like a walking stick. A gust of wind lifted the twig from the ground so that it looked like the old woman was shaking her stick at me. Although knowing I was being silly, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something, some presence, drawing me back, willing me to discover its existence. I was struck by a sense of fate, that I was destined to travel this road for the purpose of revealing the mystery of that house. By some strange coincidence it was Don Henley’s ‘Miss Ghost’ that was playing in my tape deck. As he bid good evening to his ghost, I was relieved to leave the empty green fields behind me and see shops and pubs coming into view. The signs of life didn’t lift the eerie feeling, but did somewhat lessen it. It was a feeling that stayed with me for the rest of my journey.



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