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My husband and I have been talking a lot about the early days and years of parenthood. And of course those sleepless nights came up. It’s hard for them not to come up since there were so many of them and it was on-going for such a long time. Our poor girl was fighting sleep since she was 2 weeks old. At first it was only her day-time sleep that she was fighting, and we only really started looking into what was causing the problem when she gave up her day-time sleep and it was her night-time sleep that was being affected.

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Since we’ve discovered that it was E-numbers, aspartame and cheese that were causing the problems, we’ve all been enjoying much more sleep. We have done a lot of research into E-numbers in the last year. There are approximately 500 of them, and they’re not all bad. And some of the worst ones can actually be listed in the ingredients as natural colours or flavours. Even when we buy things that have no artificial colours or flavourings she can sometimes have nightmares. When we do a little research into the natural colour she had consumed the day before we realise that it was an E-number.

When it comes to cheese, she can tolerate sauces that are 2% cheese and she can tolerate E-free cheese and onion crisps. But pizza, cheese sandwiches and cheese flavoured crackers are out, and so is, as we’ve recently discovered – fromage  frais. A lot of people find that if they eat cheese late in the evening they have bad dreams. In our daughter’s case, if she eats cheese at any time of the day it will cause her to spend a portion of the night, usually between 2am and 4am, awake and hallucinating.

There are some E-numbers that she can tolerate. We have discovered this through a process of elimination. One of these is Soy Lecithin. She has a limited amount of Soy Lecithin, as we fear that if she has too much of this she will be up at night with bad dreams. We have just discovered that Soy Lecithin is an ingredient in formula milk and some baby foods. So the poor girl has been getting E-numbers at first through my breast milk, and then through formula milk and baby foods. We started giving her cheese when she was 7 months old. And then of course there were all the medicines that she was taking for teething and ear infections etc.

Is it any wonder she had such troubled sleep for so long?

From the research I’ve conducted, Soy Lecithin does not appear to be harmful. In fact it has certain beneficial properties. However, if you have a sensitivity to it, like our girl appears to have, small doses or avoiding it altogether might be wise. More research is needed here – a period of giving her no other additives or preservatives and upping her intake of Soy Lecithin to prove that the formula may in fact have been instrumental in her sleep disturbances.

I will keep you posted. And if anyone has any sleep related stories to share, I am always happy to hear from you.



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Here’s a little taste of Horror for those of you who would like a scare tonight.Sotd Opt 5(1)


Alice relaxed in front of a roaring fire and watched television before going to bed. She had got into her pajamas before Mark left for work and with her large warm dressing gown and fluffy slippers she curled up on the sofa, with Storm in her familiar position on her lap. She was feeling totally relaxed and able to ignore any of the sounds the house made. The creaking floorboards and howling wind no longer made her jumpy. Thinking about how jumpy she had been just one week ago made her laugh at herself. Storm, on the other hand, jumped up, growling with her hackles raised at the least little sound, needing to be soothed by Alice before she could relax again.
She let the fire go out before going out to the kitchen to make a mug of hot chocolate, Storm jumping around her feet. As she boiled the kettle and stirred some chocolate powder into the milk she found herself humming and realized that it was something she hadn’t done since that scare weeks ago. Ever since childhood she would always hum to herself while cooking, doing household chores or making a hot drink.
“The ghost stories were obviously having more of an effect on me than I realized,” she thought as she brought the hot chocolate up to bed with her.
It was her intention to get into bed and read as she drank her hot chocolate. It had been a while since she had done any reading in bed; the previous weeks had been so filled with terror that bed was where she had gone at the last minute, and then only to sleep.
Just as she was about to get under the covers her bedroom door opened and banged shut. Storm started growling, hackles raised. Alice jumped and let out a scream. Several other doors around the house opened and shut with loud bangs and Storm started barking furiously.

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It’s official! The drugs work! It’s been 4 nights in a row of between 11 and 12 hours sleep for our girl who has only been getting an average of 10 hours sleep a night for the last year and a half. That’s Chamomilla 30c homeopathic remedy and Night Essence Flower Remedy.

This is one very happy and well rested mummy. Homeopathy and flower remedies rock!


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I’m in heaven, and not a chocolate heaven. No, it’s a heaven created by an unbroken sleep. For the first time in a long time my 3 yr old daughter slept for 12 hours last night. And I do believe it’s thanks to the homeopathic remedy chamomilla 30c and the flower remedy Night Essence.

Going insane from nearly one and a half years of broken sleep, we put her on those remedies last Sunday evening, and after just 4 days we can report that she’s gone from 10 hours sleep a night to 12 hours last night.

Let’s hope it continues and that there’s no more waking for two hours a night, and no more waking pre-dawn, claiming she’s had enough sleep.

I will keep you all posted.

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I’m more than a little sleep deprived at the moment. All parents, I’m sure, know what I’m going through. This post is being written with gritty eyes that want to close, just for a minute, pleeeease. But I have to keep them prised open until the kids go to bed. Then I think I’ll have to go to bed uncharacteristically early. Kids, eh? You gotta love ’em, but it’s the monsters under their beds, the ghosts coming through the walls and the crocodiles attacking them in their beds at 2am through to 4am that zombifies you. Being a ghost buster, crocodile hunter and monster slayer is all well and good in the middle of the night, but the next day is a killer.

If anyone reading this has any tips – which reminds me, I must cleanse all dream catchers in the house – on how to slay all the baddies without waking up it would be greatly appreciated. Why can’t monsters and ghosts keep normal hours? It would be all in a days work to kill them during daylight hours, and then we could all sleep peacefully. Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Maybe I should do a sweep of the bedrooms now, killing anything that’s lurking around, and hopefully that will keep the rest of them at bay for the night.

Right, I’m off to try that now. Fingers crossed that it works.

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