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Hello, booklovers. What did you all get up to yesterday on National Book Lovers Day? Whatever it was, did you manage to take some time out to enjoy the heatwave, watch Katie Taylor win the Gold medal, and to do some reading? Great fight, wonderful weather, and I had some fantastic reading time in the sunshine.

So, which do you prefer to read, ebook or paperback?

I had a discussion with my Information Technology Lecturer in college back in the nineties about this very subject, and I was firmly in favour of the paperback novel. He guaranteed me that I would some day be curled up on my couch with an ebook, and he was right.

But I love to read both. They each have their place.

In the last two days I’ve spent some time reading outside in the glorious sunshine. For that purpose, a paperback is essential. Unless of course you position yourself in the shade, which I had no interest in doing.

When in the bath, a paperback is also a must. It’s never pleasant to drop a book in the bath, but paper is infinitely more replaceable than an e-reader. I perish the thought of dropping my kindle fire in the bath.

It’s great when travelling or in a waiting room to have an e-reader, as books can be rather bulky. It’s funny though, when your name is called to go in to the dentist and, rather than putting  your bookmark in your book and closing it, you click a few buttons and put your e-reader, smart phone or kindle fire in your bag.

It’s fantastic to have access to so many books, fantastic, but dangerous for a bookaholic. How wonderful to have a book delivered to you instantly with just a touch of a button and only a little money.

I used to only read one book at a time, but now I always have two on the go at once. One paperback and one ebook. When in bed or relaxing on the couch I reach for whichever book has me more gripped.

I don’t think paperback books will ever die, they won’t be taken over by e-books, but the two will go hand-in-hand.


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