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Happy New Year. And it sure is a happy one for us. Since we discovered these warm milk supplements we’ve been sleeping great in our house.

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To recap, we’d been having a rough time with our daughter’s sleep. We started keeping a food diary while giving her camomile tea, and the homeopathic remedy Chamomilla 3oc, and flower remedy Night Essence. Through a process of elimination we discovered that it is e-numbers that cause her nightmares and the artificial sweetener, aspartame, that causes her to wake up during the night and stay awake for 2 hours.

After changing her diet we took her off the Chamomilla tablets and Night Essence. However, it’s impossible to avoid e-numbers completely. Monday to Friday her diet is controlled, but on the weekends there are parties, and of course there is some eating out, and even through strict diligence the occasional e-number slips through.

We’ve discovered that the warm milk supplements combat the effects of the e-numbers, but not the aspartame, so we’ve been able to ease up on her diet a little. But we still eliminate e-numbers where possible.

We’ve just gone through a tough couple of weeks where she’s been on antibiotics and steroids. A lot of medicines contain aspartame and e-numbers, and since the milk tablets, as she calls them, don’t work for aspartame, we’ve had quite a number of wakeful nights, but soon she’ll be back to full sleeps again, and so will we.

As an added bonus, we’ve noticed that our daughter is growing more now that she’s sleeping properly.

Please share this post, as I want to help as many parents and children as possible to get the sleep they need and deserve.


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