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The cliche of having your heart in your mouth is such an apt description. When watching The Walking Dead the other night I literally felt as if my heart was leaping up from my chest, through my throat and into my mouth. I love that feeling although, in reality, I’m such a wuss – I cringe at the sight of blood, faint when getting injections or having a tooth pulled, and hold my jaw in horror if someone is talking about the dentist.

While attending a First Aid course recently I had to look away at the slides that showed gruesome injuries, but yet I have no problems watching Dr. Derek Shepherd cutting open a brain in Grey’s Anatomy, and it has nothing, or at least not much, to do with his McDreamy status.

I seem to have no problem separating fact and fiction when it comes to the gory details. In fiction, the gorier the better, but in fact, gory will have me reaching for the smelling salts. I can read, write and watch horrific scenes, feeling them unfold in front of me. Yes, I know I would look a bit like a crazy person if someone were to look in the window and see me leaping up and down on the couch and clutching my hair, but that’s only the wonderful feeling of the heart taking up residence in my mouth.

In reality, the things that induce these feelings are roller coaster rides and sky-dives, which are not all that common-place, so I need to get my daily dose of thrills from horrific fiction.

If, like me, you’re addicted to thrills and terror, you might be interested in checking out my novel Shadows of the Dead. If you read it, you might let me know what you think, or even write a review. And if you’re not interested in my novel, perhaps you can comment below and let me know what gives you thrills?



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