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I am currently reading Gone with the Wind and thoroughly enjoying it. It is like curling up with a bit of one of my favourite movies every night.

I was recently asked how important it is to read the classics if you are a writer. My reply was that it is important to read what you enjoy. If you are getting bogged down in reading something just because you feel you must, then you will end up not reading as much as you would something you really enjoy.

Wuthering Heights is another one of my favourites. I recently watched the 1939 film and am looking forward to reading the book again. It has to be said that the only version of the film that does the book justice is the 1939 one starring Laurence Olivier.

AsĀ  for classics in general, I browse through them like I would any other genre, and only the ones that really pique my interest get read. Dracula is next on my list.


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